About the APA

Australian Peptide Association

Welcome to the Australian Peptide Association which was formally established in 1983. Australian peptide science has its origins in the pioneering establishment of a Leather Section of the Division of Industrial Chemistry at the CSIRO in 1940 and its genesis into the Biochemistry Section two years later. The field has rapidly matured such that today, although Australians make up 1% of the world's population, it produces 5% of its scientific output.

Today, Australia enjoys an outstanding reputation in many areas of peptide research ranging from isolation, chemistry, proteomics, peptidomimetics, immunology, pharmacology to therapeutics. This provides strong impetus for our Association to help showcase its many members' unique expertise and to help further promote its peptide science, especially throughout Asia-Pacific.

The major goal of the Australian Peptide Association is the organization and hosting of biennial international scientific conferences, satellites and local state meetings, and the promotion of emerging techniques in peptide science to the Australian scientific community, of Australian peptide science internationally and of students and young post doctoral peptide researchers by way of travel bursaries.

To date the international conferences, which are held in the relaxed format of the Gordon Conferences, have been held in Queensland on the following islands in the Whitsundays or coastal resorts:

1st Daydream Island, 16 - 21 Oct 1994
2nd Fraser Island, 6 - 11 Oct 1996
3rd Laguna Quays, 4 - 9 Oct 1998
4th Lindeman Island, 7 - 12 Oct 2001
5th Daydream Island, 5 - 19 Oct 2003 
6th Hamilton Island, 9 - 14 Oct 2004
7th Cairns, 21 - 25 Oct 2007
8th Couran Cove, 11 - 16 Oct 2009
9th Hamilton Island, 16 - 21 Oct 2011
10th Penang, Malaysia, September 8 - 13 2013

The 7th Australian Peptide meeting in Cairns was a particularly exciting event as it was held jointly with not only the 4th International Peptide Symposium but also the 2nd Asia-Pacific Peptide Symposium. It was the first time that the International Symposium was held in the Southern hemisphere.

Membership is open to all colleagues worldwide and we warmly welcome your participation in the Association's activities!